Monday, February 2, 2009

Samsung’s world first 12-megapixel cameraphone to see you at MWC 2009

Samsung is the most aggressive phone maker that have put lots of effort to improve the resolution of camera phones. Samsung was also the first company released an 8-megapixel cameraphone, and now they’re a step ahead, planning to announce their 12-megapixel camera phone at Mobile World Congress 2009.

This 12-megapixel camera phone is mostly to hit the production in February and expected to surface in the European market shortly thereafter. Although the phone has not been announced yet, but you should be able to guess that it shall come loaded with cool features that assist photo and video shooting such as GPS geotagging, DivX video capture, and WiFi with DLNA support.

Unfortunately, there is no picture yet to show how this phone really looks like. The attached is just an Inno8 that has been slightly photo shopped.

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