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Free Deals for Laptops

Free Deals for Laptops

Here is a chance I get, to share my experience on the shopping whether it is buying a laptop or toys for kids or a phones or DVD or anything else . Most of the time when we discuss with friends on shopping they always raise a question, where to purchase , whats the price and the would it be the best quality you expect at a lower price , you have Guarantee / warranty etc . Behind all these questions , the core information you want to attain is the certificate from your friend/colleague on a certain product , because of the trust/relationship/confidence you have with your friend. And you always follows your friend proposal because you feel thats something that your friend certifies it.

You can also even inherit this with in youself if you can analyse the existing market trend on that certain product and answer the following questions.
1. different vendors available in the market ,
2. various reputed retail stores availabe online / nearby your location ,
3. get enough technical specification on the product , and decide which one you want to buy based on your budget.
4. browse through the various websites and get reviews on the product ,
5. success/failure case reported on that product ,
6. also get the best hot deal offered currently for that product in the market.

Most of the time you dont get enough time to work on the above home work and hence you depend on your friends suggestion, reference. I would say that above explained is a smal task which could probably take a weeks time or 10 days if you can afford to spends few hours a day.
Recently I happen to face a similar scenario with one of my friends and she was asking me to give suggestion on which laptop to buy & her budget is around 500$. I worked on this and presented my details below . And i thought this is worth sharing it with everyone who has the similar situation.

When we talk about laptops, few vendors that strike your mind immediately is HP , DELL , SONY , LENOVA , TOSHIBA , ACER , ASUS and and many other in the marker . Among these certainly you cant afford to get a sony product with our current budget. So i focussed by search towards HP , DELL, LENOVA , TOSHIBA .

Processor ( CPU ) :
Also another main question that we should get clarified is , which processor we can possibly get for our budget. Ofcourse Intel is the pioneer in this industry and lets focus and see if we can get this with in our budget. Because CPU is one of the key components of your computer where you should not compromise on this because it directly impacts your system performance and moreover this is one time investment which you gonna probably use it for another 10 years. So dont get your computer out dated / obsolete with in next 2 years or so and finally end up getting frustated. Intel Core2 Duo is higher version of Intel centrino and so as the price.

Before we move on , I want to share the important information regarding the processors to best suits yours needs. meaning if you looking for laptop or desktop or just a computer that you can give it to your parents for minimum use. Intel broadly classified processors in to three categories based on the performance and compatibility.

1. Processors used for Laptops.

  1. Intel Core2 extreme mobile
  2. intel centrino2
  3. intel centrino
  4. Intel Core2 Duo
  5. intel Pentium
  6. intel Celeron

2. Processors used for Desktop

  1. Intel Core i7 Extreme
  2. Intel Core i7
  3. Intel Core2 extreme
  4. Intel Core2
  5. Intel Core2 Quad
  6. Intel Core2 Duo
  7. Intel Pentium
  8. Intel Celeron

3. Processors used for minimum usage.

  1. Intel Atom processor for mobile
  2. Intel Atom processor for netbooks
  3. Intel Atom processor for nettops

Among the list given above, if your requirement is just to use the laptop for email and internet , then i would suggest section3 ( 3.2 or 3.3 preferrable ). If your requirement is for heavy usage like a webmaster , watch movies , games , multitasking , high resolution , fast performance, you may have to choose either in section 1 or 2. This information is worth because , from hereon whenever you visit some online store and visit nearby store , when some rep explains you , you can understand whether it is worth that much money or not. And you can also tell him clearly that my usage is so and so and this is what i want to choose. As simple as that and you can be more confident. thats cool.

Tour on Intel Processors

Netbooks may look like laptops, but they don’t have the full capabilities of a computer. Instead, a netbook specializes in mobility and the Web, so it’s great for travel or as a supplement to your main PC. Learn more about the differences.

RAM ( Random Access Memory )

Currently there are different types of RAMS available in the market . 1GB , 2GB , 3GB . Higher the memory you select , higher the price.

Hard Disk :

There are many manufacturers in the market for HDD . Some of them are HP , Toshiba , Seagate ,Adtron, Hitachi , Fujitsu , Quantum etc . Typically the HDD varies from 60 GB to 240 GB . Price varies according to the one you choose.

Ok . Now lets go in to each one of these official websites and grab some detailed information.

First try to check in the official websites of the manufacturers ( , , , ) . If you dont get good deals in here , then you can try .

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